Compré un Wool hat y me encantó. La calidad y todos los detalles del sombrero hacen que valga cada centavo. Lo utilizo para todas ocasiones desde bodas hasta festivales ❤️


Epic Purchase! ❤️🤩 Love at first sight. I saw the brand for the first time at the Four Seasons on my vacation and they didn't have my size, finding their online store was the best thing that could happen to me.

Rick M.

The quality of the hat is top. I love knowing that they help indigenous communities 🤠❤️


I bought a Tiari Jipijapa hat and I am in love with it. Of the best quality and the Huichol band makes it very cute and different from all hats. I use it all the time it is very comfortable.

Ari Romo

Hello and Welcome to Tiari Hat Store, where you will find beautiful Mexican huichol hats handmade by indigenous artisans. Each Tiari hat is made with top quality standards and has a unique design that can be perfectioned for you on demand.

In Tiari, we believe that the hat chooses its owner, whether you’re an artist, a raver or a designer. But you can also take control! If you wish to personalize your own hat, click here.

Wool Hats

hat store tiari wool hat model

Our wool huichol hats are great allies when it comes to cold weather. They have a soft and cozy texture and look amazing with our beaded hat bands. If you wish to personalize your own beaded hat band, click here.

Jipijapa Hats

Jipijapa Hat

These Mexican hats are a tradition in Bécal Campeche, one of the places with the highest temperatures in Mexico, these hats are perfect for their comfort, ventilation and lightness.

Our jipijapa huichol hats are 100% Mexican. They are handmade and woven inside underground caves with the perfect humidity so that the palm does not break or suffer any damage. The art of weaving jipijapa hats was added to the Unesco intangible Cultural Heritage Lists on 5 December 2012. Great choice for hot weather because of their lightness. Also, the combination of colors is infinite and they are by far one of Tiari’s most elegant hats. If you wish to personalize your jipijapa hat with a beaded hat band, click here.

Panama Hats

Panama hat

Our Panama hats are imported from Ecuador and are a great match with our huichol beaded hat bands. Panama hats are well-known for their high quality, comfort and lightness.  You can choose the color you prefer for your hat, as well as the beaded hat band.


Suede Hats

Suede hat

A classic that will always suit your style and personality, our Suede Huichol Hats are a perfect match for every type of clothing. There’s a wide variety of colors you can choose from and you can also pick your favorite beaded hat band: let the creativity within you go wild! These hats have a soft texture and are suitable for any climate.