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About Tiari

Tiari is a proudly Mexican Hats brand. The name comes from the word netiarica, which means 'to create' in the Wixarika Indigenous language (Huichol).
Tiari was born from our admiration and love for the Huichol culture and handmade art in Mexico.
All patterns are handmade by Huichol artisans. We support Indigenous families from five communities located in northern Jalisco. Our mission is to promote their Huichol art all over the world, in order to help them preserve their communities with honest and sustainable work. Through our hand made hats and unique designs, we reflect their history, customs and spirituality—and we’re more than happy to share it with the world.
When you purchase Tiari hats you are not just supporting these communities, you are also acquiring a unique, high quality product.

Huichol beaded patterns

All beaded Huichol patterns are unique and they are handmade with 5590 crystal beads (chaquiras). A wooden weaving loom is used to make each pattern. The Huichol artisan takes one to three days to make one, depending on the complexity of each pattern.

lily dhune

Lilian Duhne

Lilian Duhne is the founder of Tiari. She has been in love with Huichol art since she can remember. She had been buying Huichol bracelets all over Mexico, until, one day, she purchased a wooden weaving loom online so she could make her own. It took her three months to finish one Huichol piece. That’s when she realized what hard, slow work it is, and how patience and staying focused are key in order to create unique handmade beaded patterns with the shiniest combination of colors. Then, she decided to experiment with hats. And so, Tiari was born. “I love Huichol art, it’s so shinny. It’s the combination of colors and patterns. It just stands out.”
-Lilian Duhne