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Panama hats are the best quality straw hats in the world. Woven from fibres from a palm tree from the Ecuadorian Coast and imported from Ecuador. Ideal for the beach .These hats are on the representative Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list from the UNESCO. 

All beaded Huichol patterns are unique and they are handmade with 5590 crystal beads (chaquiras). A wooden weaving loom is used to make each pattern. The Huichol artisan takes one to three days to make one, depending on the complexity of each pattern. All patterns are handmade by Huichol artisans who preserve their culture through their unique art. We are a 100% sustainable brand. 


  • Sustainable source 
  • Ethically made 
  • Artisan 
  • Natural dyes 
  • Fair Trade 

Personalized and On-Demand 

This item will be made when you place your order. You will receive something handcrafted especially for you. And you won’t be adding to a mass production process that inevitably harms the planet. Please allow up to 7 business days for production. We promise it’s worth the wait. Want more customization? This item can be personalized.

  • Eco friendly 
  • Durable 
  • Made with Natural Felt 
  • Made in Mexico 
  • All beaded Huichol patterns are unique and they are handmade with 5590 crystal beads (chaquiras) 


  • Small: 54-55 cm 
  • Medium: 56-57 cm 
  • Large: 58-59 cm 
  • Extra Large: 60-61 cm 

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Small: 54-55 cm, Medium: 56-57 cm, Large: 58-59 cm, Extra Large: 60-61 cm 


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